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C & J Hoffmann Enterprises: Chuck & Joyce Hoffmann
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 Chuck & Joyce Hoffmann
 Lifetime Master Coordinators

We are a team, who have effectively coached people for 46 years in the development of wellness businesses, and have counseled people in obtaining optimum health. 

46 years ago a coaching friend invited Chuck to a meeting to learn about Shaklee.  Although Chuck had no interest in what he perceived Shaklee to be, he simply went out of  friendship.  Chuck was a teacher and a coach at the time with a Masters Degree.  He loved what he was doing and thought he would do that for the rest of his working years.  However, what he learned about the Shaklee products and the earnings program at that meeting was very intriguing to him.  So we decided to try the products and after experiencing some significant health results, decide to share our enthusiasm for the products with our family and friends.

When we realized the value and quality of the products, we began to explore the earnings program, because our dream and goal was to find a way for Joyce to leave her position as a Nursing Supervisor and be a stay-at -home Mom for our three boys.  That had never been an option, because we were just so barely making ends meet with our two incomes.  But, within 6 months of joining Shaklee, Joyce was able to leave her nursing position, because we were now earning more than 3 times per month what she had been earning monthly as a Nursing Supervisor. 

Once we started experiencing success in our business, we commited ourselves to developing a full time Shaklee career, and at the end of seven years we had reached the level of Master Coordinator and were earning a six figure income. This allowed Chuck to retire from teaching at age 42.  We have earned a six figure income every year for the past 34 years.  Our Shaklee success has allowed us to enjoy a very good lifestyle, educate our 3 sons, who are all doctors of Chiropractic, and spend lots of quality time with our family.

We have always run our business with a strong focus on what we can do to improve the health and lifestyle of other people.  We get our greatest satisfaction out of helping and seeing other people enjoy the same rewards from Shaklee that we have experienced.  We have many in our organization who are earning good full-time incomes, enjoying better health and a great lifestyle.

Since Joyce was a nurse with a young family, her focus has been on family health with a strong interest in Children's Health.  That interest has extended to our 8 grand children who have been on Shaklee supplementation since birth.  She is delighted to say that all of them have been extremely healthy.  They range in age from 23 years to 4 years, and none of them have had to deal with the typical chronic children's conditions.

The product lines that we represent are all natural and health related.  This includes the health of our bodies as well as the health of our environment.  The products include natural vitamins/food supplements, non-polluting cleaners, and natural personal care, skin care and cosmetic products.  They are the types of products one uses in their home on a day-to-day basis and since they are concentrates they also offer considerable savings for the family budget.  ALL OF THE PRODUCTS ARE CLINICALLY TESTED AND COME WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

We love working with people and get great satisfaction out of helping others acheive their dreams and goals, whether the goal is physical or financial.  If you are interested in pursuing Shaklee, we would love to help you achieve whatever dreams you may have.  To help and support people in our organization, we have developed an exclusive personal website, we have bi-weekly conference calls and we are very hands on in working with anyone who has an interest in Shaklee.  If interested simply contact us at 1-800-285-2796 or via e-mail - choff1001@aol.com.